Bringing together unique Women Testers from different continents

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    Axiom Summit
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    Landing Page
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    Design, Development
Landing Page
Landing Page


The design says everything about the brand and their message. It respects the core theme, that is, women power and showcase their team in elegant and clean style. Keeping in mind the core idea - An open community conference driven by Women In Testing through their selfless volunteering.

What we did


Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 3.59.00 PM.png

Having the apt brand colors is the core of the apt product

Landing Page

Landing page should be one thing - enthusiastically appealing!

Graphic Design

The visual of the women mascot was the limelight of the landing page



The final execution of all the planning done for the project. Maintaing uniformity across browser and devices.

Landing Page
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